Golden Charter Funeral Plans

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Making provision

Are concerned about the rising the cost of funerals and anxious that paying funeral costs may place a heavy burden on your loved ones?

If so, then a Golden Charter funeral plan will offer you peace of mind.

The right plan for you

There are three Golden Charter funeral plans, ranging from simple to the most comprehensive, and you can make sure your personal requests are included in any one.

Additional limousines, floral tributes and newspaper notices are common requests, but there’s nothing to prevent you from having something more elaborate. One of the options will make sure all your wishes are honoured.

If you are already comparing prices, one important thing to mention is that, unlike some other funeral directors, we don't add an administration fee onto our plans.

There will surely be some questions you would like to ask! We will be more than happy to answer these for you and help with every detail of your chosen plan.

Price List for 2017

We have created a pdf document that you can download and browse our price list for funeral services.

Would like further information?

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